Audio Bible

Listen to Scripture audio (translated to english) more closely to the way it was penned: with Our Lord's real name instead of LORD, This is not an audio Bible that was lifted from one of the other popular audio versions already out there, but was recorded in house, with love and understanding, for your sanctification. No ulterior motives.

  • Download: Coming Soon, This work is still being compiled
  • Get The Sneak Peak Below: I Am Still Compiling This Daunting Amount of Audio Files

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Torah Overview: The Mishpatim Etc

Torah means law. God begins His book with laws. Just as Paul said: the law is our tutor until we come to a place where we can have more fullness of His presence. Have you studied under God's tutor yet?

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Biblical Calendar

This Calendar was built based on Scripture. The months, days and years correspond to the structure of time laid out by Yeshua, for Yeshua and His people. The Gregorian days are interspersed within the calendar to help one keep track of both Elohim's and man's time tables.

  • Current Year 5785
  • All beliefs this calendar was built on can be found on it's final page. as well as instructions for how to properly use Elohim's calendar