Gleaning The Scriptures




Audio Bible

Listen to Scripture audio (translated to english) more closely to the way it was penned: with Our Lord's real name instad of LORD, This is not an audio Bible that was lifted from one of the other popular audio versions already out there, but was recorded in house, with love and understanding, for your sanctification. No ulterior motives. This work is still being compiled and mp3 downloads should be available here in the future. Until then click the button below to find what is available on the youtube playlist before it is converted.

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What We Are Working On

Biblical Calendar

This Calendar was built based on Scripture. The months, days and years correspond to the structure of time laid for Yeshua's people in Scripture. The Gregorian days are interspersed within the calendar to help one keep track of both Elohim's and man's time tables.

  • Download: Available: Updated H03/01/782 G05/13/021; sliver sighted 1 day early: Muskegon, Mi ~9:45pm
  • Current Year 5782
  • All beliefs this calendar was built on can be found on the final page.
  • Inludes a few months prior to and after the current year

Political Activism

Eat your vegetables, do not turn to the enemy's system if you won't play by it's rules to begin with. Rely on God and take faith. You are loved and courageous.

"The Second Ammendment

was not made to protect the common man from other common men"